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Our Favorite Links

Janno Farm   http://www.jannofarm.com
Janno Farm trains our horses throughout their careers. We are lucky to have such experience to handle our youngsters in the hunter breeding classes, start our younsters under saddle, and to provide complete training and breeding management for our stallions.


Goldhope   http://www.goldhopefarm.com/
One of the premiere breeders of unique colored foals. We recommend her as a great source for tracking down specific needs in colored horse purchases.


Sporting Chance Farm   http://www.sportingchancefarm.com/
Karin Jimenez of Sporting Chance Farm boards many of our mares and foals. Sporting Chance’s breeding program of KWPN-registered horses has been extraordinarily successful. We are pleased to have such quality care for our stock, and such a wealth of knowledge and advice for our warmblood breedings.

Carlos Jimenez, DVM is the owner of Complete Equine Health Services. They serve as our primary veterinary service. Doctor Jimenez is also a talented Chiropractor, whose services can be credited for keeping our horses in top performance condition.


Hoof Print Images   http://www.hoofprintimages.com/
We are honored to have Tom Rowe photograph our horses. You’ll find his copyright on photos throughout our site.


We're pleased to feature original music in our video productions by the following artists:

Barbara Livingston   http://www.barbaralivingston.com/
One of our favorite sites on the web. An award-winning photographer, Barbara has made her gorgeous photographs of famous thoroughbreds and thoroughbred farms available for viewing. Browse her website, and be sure to buy her books.


Pettery   http://www.pettery.com/
Peggy Kohn and Gus Schlachter are both partners in Pettery, LLC. Pettery is a unique business, offering custom horsehair pottery to owners wishing to memorialize their horses or other animals.


Glitter Please/Gigi Nutter   http://www.touchngofarm.com/gigi/myhorses.php?horse=glitter_please
If it were not for Gigi and Glitter Please, our story might never have been...


Color Calculator   http://www.horsetesting.com/CCalculator1.asp
This online coat calculator takes the guesswork out of "handicapping" your foal's appearance! Alternately, you can refer to this chart.


Equestrian Associations:


Additionally, we are proud to have these bloodlines in our breeding program:
Innkeeper http://www.enavantstud.com/news.html
Palladio http://www.crestlinefarm.com/palladiohome.htm
Iroko http://www.nawpn.org/Iroko.pdf#search='iroko'
Aram http://www.wbstallions.com/wb/swana/nastalh/aram.htm
Zarr http://www.zarrthestallion.com













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