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GP's Krugerrand ("Andy")

Palomino Thoroughbred Stallion

1998 JC palomino Thoroughbred stallion
Glitter Please – Haughty Tish, by Ribet

Andy is one of the leading thoroughbred hunter-breeding sires in the United States. With performance Championships of his own in both the Hunter and dressage rings, he's also siring Champions in-hand and under saddle. He loves his trainer and is eager to please. He has readily adapted to the demands of being a breeding stallion showing in the hunter ring. With consistent form over fences and steady gaits in the hacks, Andy has had no problem successfully moving up through the hunter levels.

While Andy is not a tall stallion (measuring just at 16h), he throws foals with significant size increase over their dams, making him a good choice for a mare owner wishing to add some size to their foals. Amateurs and Pros alike will appreciate Andy's foals' quick learning ability and "how may I help you?" attitude.

Mare owners wishing to breed to Andy should also be prepared for some colour. Andy has a 50% chance of passing the dilution gene (which makes palominos and buckskins) to his foals, and often adds his black spots (Bend Or spots) and/or white "roaning" (what looks like roaning in Thoroughbreds is believed to be the result of a gene called "Rabicano"). Don't worry though, with foals this nice, you won't mind catching the judge's eye!

As a sire, we couldn't be more proud of him. He is consistently siring winners for the line and for under saddle, including:

GP's Krugerrand was ranked 4th overall on the USEF Leading Hunter Breeding Sire list in 2006, and finished 7th in 2005.

Breeding Fee: $2000 LC / $1000 AI
Stands at Janno Farm in Temple, PA

IHF LogoIHF nominated for 2007

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